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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

ImageChibi is my dog.  I love this little guy to pieces.  In this picture, I was taking him for a walk around the lake near our house after it had rained.  The grass was really tall, and there were a lot of really fun things to chase.  Chibi wound up really wet.  He finally chased some ducks that were swimming in the lake.  I thought I would never stop laughing.  He took a flying leap into the lake.


About linneahooverartist

Life and nature are not static, and I don't want my work to be either. Using lines and patterns to help convey the sense of motion and power as a way of creating contrast. 'Where is my lightest light and darkest dark'? That is what the artwork is built upon. It is the framework for the use of patterns, lines, and color. The contrasting elements work in opposition and balance to each other creating depth, emotion, and movement. The vibrant colors of nature have been a huge inspiration, and the only media that reflects that vibrancy is alcohol based ink. It is still translucent, but it holds on to the pigment well, giving it a feeling of fluidity. I have developed a body of illustrations that are serious, insightful, and thought provoking. By using an ordinary media in an unusual way, I have developed a style that embodies all these elements.

One response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Marcy Alstrom ⋅

    Ahh! so cute!

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