New Gallery in Ashland Oregon

Have you ever really wanted something and have it finally come true?  Well, this last month, one of my many artistic dreams came true.  My work is now being shown in a fabulous gallery in Ashland, Oregon.  Thomas Lee Gallery is in downtown Ashland.  The town is known for it’s Shakespeare Festival. My parents took me there a number of times in the summer when I was younger to watch the excellent Shakespeare plays.

I have delivered a total of 14 pieces. This is one of my favorites:


I took the photo for this piece at my brother’s wedding in Breckenridge Colorado.  The fox showed up every morning on the porch of the lodge where we were staying, and hung around for most of the festivities.

To see the rest of the new pieces, please go to the following link:



Learning To Make WIne

“For the love of wine, and the art of living.” -Icon Cellars


This weekend at Pleasant Hill winery in Carnation, a beautiful winery co-op of which Icon Cellars is a part, it was time for crush and barreling. Crush is for the people who have watched “I Love Lucy” the part where Lucy is stomping the grapes with her feet. Just so everyone knows, no we did not use our feet to make this wine…


There are machines that do that now, all we had to do was shovel. And a lot of shoveling it was, we shoveled enough grapes for 4 barrels of red wine and a bunch of white wine. One barrel of wine equals about 25 cases or 700 bottles of wine. So if you have done the math so far, we shoveled enough grapes in one day to make 2,800 bottles of wine.

ImageAfter crush you have to let the grapes ferment for a couple of weeks, we had already done crush once a couple of weeks before. I learned from the first time to bring rubber boots, wool socks, and foot warmers. Gloves will not survive the experience, and will become coated in grape juice. So basically dress warm. After the vintner has done his mojo on the wine, and the grapes have fermented, it is time for barreling. You have to crush the excess juice out of the grapes and get as much of the grape chunks as you can out of your wine.  Basically your shoveling grape sludge into a giant juicer, the juice goes through a filter and then into the barrel. It was  really fun to watch and participate in.


Le Rose’-2013 Fall Release Wine and Art Pairing


As many of you know, I have been sharing the event that I participated in with Icon Cellars when they introduced their 2013 Fall Release of wines on September 14th.  The event included a pairing of art by me, Linnea Hoover, with each wine.  The wine at Station #3 was Le Rose’.  This is what Icon Cellars has to say about their 2013 Fall Release of Le Rose’:

Picture the perfect, juicy red of a fresh picked wild strawberry, and you have Le Rosé. The flavors and aromas are fresh and crisp, with layers of strawberry, bright cherry, dried herb, anise, and a delicate floral note.”

To learn more about this fabulous wine, please visit:

The following piece of my artwork was paired with Le Rose’.

Le Rose'-2013 Fall Release-Web-WMC

This piece seemed perfect for the Le Rose’–the colors were right, and the mood is relaxed summertime.



Porporina-2013 Fall Release (Wine and Art Pairing)

Icon Cellars introduced their 2013 Fall Release of wines on September 14th.  The event included a pairing of art by Linnea Hoover with each wine.  The wine at Station #6 was Porporina, which means ‘purple’ in Italian.  This is what Icon Cellars has to say about their 2013 Fall Release of Porporina:

“The 2011 Icon Cellars Porporina is a vibrant wine with an aroma that will change from strawberry and bright cherry, to black currant, dark cherry, vanilla, earth, and a tinge of tobacco within a few minutes in your glass.”

To learn more about this fabulous wine, please visit:

The following piece of Linnea Hoover’s artwork was paired with Porporina.

The art work was paired with this wine because the work is very bold and balanced.

Porporina-2013 Fall Release-Web-WMC

du Pape>2013 Fall Release<Wine and Art Pairing (Installment #2(


Icon Cellars introduced their 2013 Fall Release of wines on September 14th.  The event included a pairing of art by Linnea Hoover with each wine.  The wine at Station #4 was du Pape.  This is what Icon Cellars has to say about their 2013 Fall Release of du Pape:

“Medium ruby in color. The nose is an enticing blend of blueberry, plum, black cherry, vanilla, white pepper, licorice and warm spice. The flavors follow, with the addition of notes of leather on the finish.”  If you would like more information about this wine, please visit their website at:

This was paired with Linnea’s wine are depicting a woman with a glass of wine.  The art work was paired with this wine because of the bold wine color.

du Pape-2013 Fall Release-Web-WMC

Seraphina-2013 Fall Release (Wine and Art Pairing)

2010 Seraphina.JPG

Icon Cellars introduced their 2013 Fall Release of wines on September 14th.  The event included a pairing of art by Linnea Hoover with each wine.  The wine at Station #1 was Seraphina.  This is what Icon Cellars has to say about their 2013 Fall Release of Seraphina:

“The 2011 Icon Cellars Seraphina is a white Rhone style wine made from 50% Viognier, and 50% Roussanne.

Your eye will be captivated by the beauty of the translucent pale gold color, as you begin to detect the fragrance of fresh pear and stone fruit followed by the scent of vanilla cream. The nose grows as the wine warms. Light and fruity pear and peach flavors caress your tongue, offering a soft mouth-feel… slightly rich, with good acidity and a clean finish. A food friendly wine indeed!

Pair with cheese, roasted chicken, dishes in a cream sauce, curries, fish, lobster, and pork.”

It was paired with Linnea’s wine art, depicting a woman in a quiet pose with light colors–a real complimentary piece for a light, fresh wine.

Seraphina-2013 Fall Release-Web-WMC

Wine and Art Pairing Event


Last Saturday we had the Wind and Art Pairing Event.  It was hosted by Icon Cellars, who released their new fall wines.  The wines included the following:

2011  Seraphina

2012  Le Charmeur

2011  du Pape

2011  Flamenco

2012  Le Rose’

2011  Porporina

Each wine was paired with interesting foods and one of my pieces of art created especially for this event.  In the coming days, I would like to highlight an individual wine and the art that we paired with it.  I hope you will enjoy the adventure.

Winner at Emerald Downs Art Show

Runner-Web-WMCRunning Mustang

Every year the Emerald Downs race track has an equine art show. It isn’t juried, but the prizes are picked by a panel. And for being a show that isn’t juried, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work shown, as well as how nice the event is. The event has quality wine that is served for free, but it is appreciated if you can afford a tip. And even though I can’t eat any of the food (allergies and sensitivities), my family says it is quite good.

The prize winners are notified the day of the event, so that they can be in attendance for the awards ceremony.  Last year I won an honorable mention with one of my smaller pieces, so I decided to submit three of my better works this year in varying sizes. I submitted Thundering Hooves, Albi Equi, and Running Mustang. A couple of days before I was supposed to deliver the art, I was contacted by someone interested in purchasing Albi Equi, but that is an entirely different story, which I shared in my last post about scammers.  I’ve been busy for the last couple of months, so I have quite a few exciting blog entries I will be posting in the weeks to come.

So, at the last moment I needed a substitute for Albi Equi, and I remembered I had gifted an older piece, Unleashed, to my Dad that was now hanging in his office. This presented a couple of problems, problem one: my father works for the school district as an administrator and is currently on summer vacation. Problem two: my Dad is currently in Southern France with my Mom for their 30th wedding anniversary,  So, the question is:  Is there anyone to let me into his office, and will people remember me enough to let me take art off of the walls? It ended up being fine: called the parents and my Dad said as long as it wasn’t too hot, which for Washington State it really was, then at least the receptionist should be there and would let me in. The receptionist was really nice about it, gave me the key to let me in, and chatted with me a bit about the commission I was working on.

Orange Unleashed-Web-WMCUnleashed

So I now have three pictures to deliver, and I drive them down the morning before the show to drop them off and, of course, Bellevue is having construction work done during rush hour both on the North and South sides. So what should take me an hour at most takes me two and half hours. So the work is delivered and I’m sitting on pins and needles the rest of the day hoping I win something. When your an artist a little bit can go a long way toward art supplies, so every little bit counts, and it all adds up in the end.

The morning of the show I get a call from the lady who organizes the event, and she told me I won three different awards! First place in Mixed Media Thundering Hooves, the advertising poster award Thundering Hooves, and honorable mention for the small piece, Running Mustang. It was an amazing event with a lot of really nice and interesting people to talk to. If you’re in the area next year you should make time for to swing by to see this event, there was a lot of amazing talent present. 

 ImageThundering Hooves

Scam Aimed At Artists: Beware

Albi Equi-Web-WMC

A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from someone interested in a picture I had done called Albi Equi. This happens sometimes, so I do what I normally do, tell them what the picture is priced at and wait and see if they are still interested. The person responded that they were indeed interested, and they wanted to know what had inspired the picture. Mentally I’m thinking that this seems pretty legitimate. If they were a scam they wouldn’t care what had inspired me, right? I tell the client I take checks and credit cards, and tell them who to make it out to, and where to send it. That is when it started getting hinky. The person responded and said that FedEx doesn’t deliver to PO Boxes and they would like my home address instead– I work from home. She said she was from New Jersey, but that her husband works in New York and he has his secretary handle his checks, so I will be receiving a check from the secretary. I’m thinking odd, but ok I can give them that.

Important aside: If you receive a fraudulent check through the United States postal service, the person scamming you has committed a federal offense.

At this point I’m working on getting my large commission piece done, and getting out of the house. So my first day on the road to Arizona, the check comes, and I give my permission for my Dad to sign it. I guess that is something that you can do. And he tells me that the check is for more than twice the amount I had quoted the picture. This sends up big warning flags to my Mom and me.  If you have read the Road Trip post you know my Mom went on my trip to Scottsdale, Arizona with me. We think this is getting a little weird, and at this point, we think it is a scam, but I’m still holding out hope it isn’t, because I keep thinking how much ink I could buy if I sell that picture.

So I tell my Dad to go to the bank and talk with a family friend who works there and see what we can do, because if this is a scam I really don’t want to get in trouble. So my Dad talks to the bank while I’m sitting on pins and needles on my way through Oregon.  The bank tells my Dad the check looks a little hinky. There isn’t any contact information for the bank it was issued from, but they can put a hold on it until the check has cleared, so we won’t receive any money before then. After that we informed the buyer of what we had done, and she said that was fine.

As an important aside to other artists: Make sure you put a hold on all checks you receive from people you don’t know or don’t know well. A common misconception that people make is that when you get a check from someone and you take it to the bank, you automatically have that money. This is not true, it can take up to 10 days for a check to clear both your banks and for you to actually physically posses that money. So if a check bounces or is fraudulent, and you spent that money, then you just spent money that didn’t exist.

The next day I got an email from our “buyer” saying that her husband would really like us to send the difference of the check as soon as possible, and that she had looked up different places where I could do a wire transfer, and I should send it to her husband’s secretary who now miraculously is in Illinois. If you have kept up so far, you now know that our client lives in New Jersey. Her husband and his secretary work in New York, but the secretary lives in Illinois.

At this point I’m in Southern California, and I’m just really thankful we didn’t send out the picture or the check. My parents advise me not to respond to this email, so I don’t. Later that day when we decide to head out of California from where we where resting, I get a text message on my phone from the buyer asking if I had gotten her earlier email. I do not respond and mentally make a note to myself to look up the area code of the phone number when I get home. When I do have time to check, the area code was from somewhere is Califonia. So to recap, The woman is from New Jersey, with a phone number in California. Her husband works in New York with his secretary, and she wants me to send the money through a wire transfer to the secretary who lives in Illinois. I don’t respond to the text message, and find out later when I get home I got an email saying the same thing as the text message.

Now I’m so sure it’s a scam it isn’t even funny, and I’m waiting for this to escalate and for the woman to demand her money back. I’ve finally arrived in Scottsdale and decide not to worry about it anymore.  There isn’t much I can do until I get home anyway. So I drop off the artwork and have a great visit with the people who run the Buffalo Collection, drop off the rental truck and fly home that very evening.

When I get home, I take part of a day to recoup, at this point I’m pretty positive someone on the plane has given me their cold. I think I’m going to invest in face masks for plane rides from now on. Does anyone know if they actually work? So I took part of the day to recoup, and then I call my bank to find out what is going on, and they tell me that the check is a fraud. I asked for some advice on whether or not I should file a police report, and they lady at the bank said why not. It can’t hurt anything.

I decided to look up how I should file a police report from home, so that’s what I end up doing. This may vary from place to place, so I would look up for your area what you should do if you are unfortunate enough to ever need to file a police report. The website for Monroe, Washington’s police department said that I should dial 911 and when asked what my emergency was immediately respond that is was not an emergency. Unless of course you as the reader do have an emergency then by all means tell them what it is. I, however, do not have an emergency and told them so. They then asked the purpose of my call, and I said something to the effect of “I would like to report that someone has tried to defraud me.” They asked if the person was someone I knew. I said no. They asked if the person succeeded, and I said no. They asked for a general account of what occurred and then took my information and informed me that an officer would call to take my statement later that afternoon. An officer did indeed call, and got a little more in-depth account of what had happened, and then told me an officer would stop by my home for my statement. He also asked if I had access to the check or if the bank would give it to the officer. I told him I didn’t know but that I would go and speak with the bank.

I head out again, I’m still feeling a little under the weather, but I’m pretty excited to get this taken care of and out of the way. When I get to the bank, the teller tells me they have sent the original check on ahead but they have a copy I can give to the officer. When I get home I get all of my email dialogue with the scammer, along with the number they texted me from, and the check.

When the officer arrived he was very friendly, took my statement, took the evidence and told me a little about what would happen. Sadly it probably won’t be a lot, but they always hope that the scammers will screw up somewhere, and that any evidence they have previously collected will be useful. The problem is that this person is probably not in my state, and there isn’t a lot the police can do to track them. And even if my police department could track them, they would have no jurisdiction because the crime did not happen in the State of Washington. So my advice to other artists is always be careful with your art, try and make the best decisions you can with the information you have. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

I would like to send a special thank you to my bank for all of their help, and to the Monroe Police department for their wonderful response time and kindness. To the other artists out their reading this, I know this may not seem like a lot to other people, but we work just as hard at our jobs as other people do. I don’t want to see anyone take advantage of you because you don’t know your rights. If you put a hold on a check, you don’t need to send your art out until the check has cleared, you haven’t received any money at this point, you are only protecting yourself.

Note: We were never contacted again by the scammer after the last e-mail asking if we had received the previous e-mail.

Road Trip to Scottsdale, Arizona!



               I’ve been really busy for the past couple of months working on a large commission piece for a client in Arizona. All I can really say about the piece is it was large, I needed to rent a 16ft moving truck to lay it flat for the trip. I’ve never worked on anything larger than a 36″x48″ piece before, so that project presented a lot of challenges that I had to work through. More than anything, I’m just grateful I was given the opportunity to work on something that made me grow as an artist and as a person. Anyone who says you won’t use things like algebra and geometry outside of high school, I’m here to tell you, they are lying. Keep boned up on your math, you never know when you will need it.

We were delayed by a couple of weeks, which I was really quite grateful for, because if we hadn’t been, I would have been driving this picture to Arizona through the desert during the worst part of the heat wave–120 degrees in the shade. And while I have done tests to make sure the work can withstand the heat, I’m really not sure I would want to risk it, unless I really have to. Sometimes I feel like the universe makes things fall into line in just the perfect way to make everything work out. So with the delay and when the place I was delivering to would accept deliveries, it worked out that I would be arriving in Arizona on one of the coolest days in weeks, which toped at 95 degrees.


As anyone who has ever driven a large truck knows, small cars are crazy. Here I am driving a truck the width of a semi, 16ft long and I can’t even imagine how heavy. This truck has not got a lot of stopping speed and has a lot of ramming speed. If you whip in front of me and slam on your brakes, I’m going to have trouble stopping. So when you see a semi going down the highway slowly, and their holding up traffic, and your getting annoyed with them, and you really want to teach them a lesson, just remember that your car really won’t win and that truck can’t stop on a dime. So be kind to truck drivers!

Other than that, it was a three day driving trip catching up with my Mom about her trip to France with my Dad. Like I’m really going to drive to Arizona from Washington State by myself– I think not. By the time we finally made it to Scottsdale, we where both really tired, delivered the work, delivered the rental truck, and flew home that same day.